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Scientific research activities of the NSC are carried out in accordance with the strategic development plan for 2019-2022, aimed at improving the quality of scientific research in the field of health.


The NSC is accredited as a subject of scientific and scientific and technical activities, which gives the right to take part in the competition for scientific and technical activities at the expense of the state budget.

Certificate series MK-005912 dated 18.10.2019.

Electronic library

The Center has an electronic library with full access to full-text databases of international SCIENCE DIRECT and SCOPUS (Elsevier), Web of Knowledge (Clarivate Analytics), PUBMED, EBSCO (Medline Complete, DynaMed, eBook Collection), BMJ Updates, ClinicalKey (Elsevier), Cochrane Library (via personal registration).

Scientific and technical project

LLP "National Research Oncology Center" participated in the competition for grant funding for scientific and technical projects for 2021-2023 and received funding for the implementation of the project "Staged desensitizing therapy for complex preoperative preparation of candidates for organ (liver/kidney) transplantation with high immunological risk".

Brief information about the project

Publications for 2020-2021 in international scientific journals with a non-zero impact factor according to the databases of the Clarivate Analytics company (Web of Science) and/or the CiteScore percentile in the Scopus database (Elsevier)


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Publications for 2020-2021 in publications recommended by the Committee for Control in the Field of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  1. Iskakova B.K., Elubaeva S.S., Sartmambetova A.M., Kabibulatova A.E. (2020). Diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular complications of chemotherapy. Astana medicine journals: 1 (103), 87-93.
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Inventions, patents, intellectual property for 2020-2021

"Comorbid diseases of a therapeutic profile in oncological practice in primary care." Print. Certificate of entering information into the state register of intellectual property rights protected by copyright. The type of object is a work of science. Registration number No. 8572 dated March 4, 2020 Seisembekov T.Z., Iskakova B.K., Umerzakova B.G.



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